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Bringing a suitable mane for any occasion is not always easy to achieve. To achieve the look we want to make with our hair, we resort to complicated techniques or even make use of different tools that can damage our hair. The hair straighteners (or straighteners) are a good tool to improve and adapt our look . However, we must choose the right iron and which best suits our needs.

To make a correct choice when choosing which one to take home, you have to consider several questions before disbursing a certain amount of money: how to handle the iron, what style we want to achieve, how many passes must be made, the size of the plates, etc.

The 10 best hair straighteners

GHD V Gold Professional Styler

We are facing one of the best hair straighteners on the market. They are designed for use on all types of hair and designed to offer a large number of different styles and hairstyles, such as soft waves, ringlets, or curls. They have ceramic plates, which are perfect to protect the hair from ironing . It is very easy to handle thanks to the shape and size to visit here

Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare

The Braun Satin Hair 7 Sesocare will leave your hair completely smooth in just one pass. It is the most innovative plates on the market since they allow you to select your hair type-thin , thick, short or long-thanks to a small digital screen. It is very light, practical and comfortable to use. The only point against them is that they do not bring a cover.

Remington Keratin Therapy S8590

The Remington Kerstin Therapy S8590 allows you to get any hairstyle in just a few seconds, due to the speed with which your plates are heated. These are ceramic and keratin, ideal characteristics to ensure that the hair will not be damaged. It heats up in seconds. The best? Its function of blocking temperature and strange plates , in addition to the price-quality ratio is ensured.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro

They are the lightest in the market. Made of titanium, which allows them to heat up at the fastest possible speed, in just ten seconds they are ready to be used. It includes an automatic security shutdown, to avoid scares. The temperature varies between 120ºC and 237ºC, which allows that after the ironing the mane remains smooth but with force and volume.

Corioliss C2

The Corioliss C2 has a 12 cm long basal titanium plates. The temperature varies between 80ºC to 210ºC, adjusting to each type of hair. It is the best-selling model of the brand thanks to the temperature control that is installed in the cable and not in the device itself. In addition to an advanced technology, it has different models, such as, for example, various colors or patterns.

BaByliss I-Curl Pro230

The Babyliss reach a maximum temperature of 230 ° C, reaching up to two levels that allow to look a different look in a matter of seconds. You can make everything from swift hairstyles to perfect curls. It consists of a locking system to keep the plates closed and a thermo-resistant insulating mat , in addition to a rotating cable.

Rowenta Liss & Curl Elite

It is a basic smoothing that has a good value for money. Its plates are ceramic, tourmaline and keratin, something that protects the hair fiber, responsible for its strength and elasticity. It is a 3 in 1 iron, since it serves to straighten the hair, as well as to create ripples and ringlets. The temperature is adjustable manually through its LCD screen . Of course, it takes about 30 seconds to warm up.

Philips ProCare Keratin HP8361

The Philips ProCare Kerstin HP8361 has the perfect tonic technology and keratin treatment for the most smooth and shiny hair . Its measurements are ideal for easy handling. The heating of the plates is almost instantaneous, it only takes 15 seconds. Regulates heat, so it adapts to different types of hair. It has an automatic shutoff function that activates when it is inactive.

Talian Design Iria Titanium

It is a premium quality titanium product that reaches a good temperature, maximum up to 180ºC. It is ideal for straightening bangs or hair that is not excessively long. It has an ignition indicator and consists of a cable with 360º rotation. Thanks to its small size, it is ideal to take with you anywhere .

Corioliss C1 Gold Paisley

The Corioliss C1 is a professional hair straightening that consists of titanium basal plates. It has negative ion technology, infrared heat that allows you to do all kinds of hairstyles . Temperature control that goes from 120ºC to 235ºC, to select the type of heat depending on the hairstyle we want and the type of hair we have. Its cable is three meters and 360 ° rotatable.

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